Alicia Quatermain 4: Da Vinci and the Time Machine Collector’s Edition

Alicia embarks on an amazing adventure with Da Vinci!
Within the Collector's Edition of Alicia Quatermain 4

Da Vinci, it turns out, invented the time machine! However, the new invention did not go as intended. Due to a calculating miscalculation, Da Vinci's beloved Cecilia was thrown back in time! Da Vinci decided to pursue her in an attempt to save the lady he loved but instead traveled to the future. It is not too late to repair the damage, but the brilliant scientist will want the assistance of Alicia Quatermain! The two will travel through time and space, visiting mythical locations! Can Alicia and Leonardo Da Vinci save Cecilia and avert a time-travel catastrophe? Alicia Quatermas' adventures continue.





- Stunning full HD graphics

- Special challenges for talented players in difficult mode

- A captivating plot and interesting characters

- Puzzles and bonus levels for attentive players

- A chance to safeguard a rare relic

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