Alice’s Patchwork 2

Assist Alice in becoming queen with Alice's Patchwork 2!

Who would have guessed that an ancient family mirror from London would lead to a fantastic chess kingdom? Set off on a thrilling journey through the Looking Glass with legendary characters from Lewis Carroll's world-famous fairytale. Assemble patchwork mosaics to aid Alice in her quest to become the queen of the realm beyond the looking glass! Alice's Patchwork 2 is a mosaic puzzle game comprised of six distinct materials: wood, fabric, glass, paper, precious stones, and metal. Assemble patchwork puzzles to guess the image: a garden with talking flowers, a crazy tea party, cards that come to life, Humpty Dumpty's riddles, a duel between the Lion and the Unicorn, the Red Queen's intrigues, a meeting with the White Rabbit… What other wonders await you in these 6 worlds? Put together all the mosaics and help Alice transform from a pawn into a queen!





- 120 distinct puzzles patchwork mosaics

- 6 different settings and materials

- Our favorite heroes from the looking glass are back!

- Fun gaming for gamers of all ages.

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