Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules – Collector’s Edition

Accompany Alexis on her inaugural journey!
The Collector's Edition of Alexis Almighty: Daughter of Hercules

Chronos, the terrible God of Time, plots a deadly attack on Greece, but he knows he can't carry it out with Hercules in the way! Chronos casts a terrible spell on Hercules in an attempt to destroy him. Dark magic ages the immortal hero, robbing him of his might and vigor. Hercules, bereft of divine might, takes the final leap of faith and throws his magical hammer through the time portal… A hero who discovers it will inherit all of Hercules' power and will be able to vanquish the terrible God! The hammer is discovered by none other than Alexis, the hero's adolescent daughter! The brave girl has always wanted to be a powerful warrior, so she grabs the hammer and embarks on a perilous battle with the God of Time. Join Alexis on her quest to become the hero she has always longed to be! Gather alliances, assemble forces, and prepare for the battle of the century. The clock is ticking and there is no time to waste!





- Meet Hercules' lovely and courageous daughter!

- Over 70 (!) exciting levels with BONUS riddles!

- Discover Alexis' divine destiny and vanquish Chronos, the wicked god of time!

- Enjoy breathtaking full-HD graphics!

- Take a fresh look at a well-known genre!

- New opponents to face and areas to discover!



The Collector's Edition comes with:


- Beautiful wallpapers

- Interactive tutorial

- Bonus levels

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