12 Labours of Hercules 15: Little Big Adventure CE

Help Hercules escape and defend the Lilliputians' homeland from sky shadow!

Hercules was sleeping quietly on a ship when a calm wind transformed into a storm. The hero's boat was torn to bits and hurled to unknown lands. While Hercules was unconscious, a small group of people gathered around him and... decided to bind the demigod! The Lilliputians mistook Hercules for an adversary from Laput, a mystical floating island that protects their territories from the heat and rain. The hero then swears to uncover the riddle of the sky island and save his little new pals. Will the Lilliputian ruler believe a massive stranger enough to release him? In either case, Hercules will battle for his freedom and justice! You and Hercules will travel across little and large regions, construct weird equipment, soar to the skies, combat sky pirates, and encounter a variety of surprising scenarios. Now is the time to go on this exciting dimensionless voyage!





- Accompany Hercules with a new Game Speed setting!

- Explore sublevels, bonus levels, super bonus levels, and extra super-bonus levels!

- Join marine investigation with stunning full HD graphics!



Collector's Edition Features:


- Interactive guide

- Wallpapers

- Additional bonus levels

- Hercules under the water

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