Shatter the forces of goodness!

A Tower Defense is used to conduct every battle in the persistent universe of YRMINSUL, a strategy game. Do you enjoy the chaos that comes with tower defences? Yrminsul is an action-packed, full-three-dimensional tower defence game! Pick wisely which island to attack and observe the adversary to gauge his strength. They are attempting to take back the islands that you own. You will have to repel the cunning attacks of your adversaries from your land. You will assault their islands at the same time. Because the universe is persistent, you can move between the islands at will. For example, if you build a turret, it will remain on its island until the adversaries take possession of it. Get moving and fortify yourself before it's too late!





- 30+ enemies
- 3 different opponent army kinds (Goblins, Monsters, and Elves)
- 15 turrets that may be upgraded
- 16 spells
- 30+ stages with distinct moods and designs

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