You’re the Boss

Climb the business ladder in order to fulfill an enigmatic prophecy.

In You're The Boss, take charge of a menial warehouse office and climb the corporate ladder. You are plagued by an enigmatic voice in your head that predicts your ascent to success, and that's all you know. But by yourself, you are unable to succeed. The first step is to put together a team of workers, each with their own personalities and skill sets. To help you reach your objectives, sell and market your goods, boost the morale and skill of your staff, and look into lucrative business ventures. The six supervisors you despise the most stand in your way, and only the astute manager has what it takes to secure every promotion and realize the final prophecy.

Lead your boss on this thrilling adventure as you oversee your staff and work toward promotions that bring you one step closer to realizing your dreams.





- 18 hireable employees, each with their own special talents and personalities
- Five employee tasks to assign and assist you in achieving your promotions
- Dozens of products to unlock, ranging from high-powered jetpacks to skinny jeans
- 6 office environments, from a humble warehouse to the executive suite
- Over 100 opportunities to improve your business and staff members
- 4 distinct bosses for you to choose and ascend the corporate ladder
- Rewarding, open-ended gameplay as you work toward a mysterious conclusion

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