Warlock: The Curse of the Shaman

Crack the code of the tribe's curse with Warlock: The Curse of the Shaman!

You will explore the mysteries of your family, meet the spirits of your ancestors, and journey through ghostly realms. But take caution: ghosts are not interested in the difficulties of life, and otherworldly powers will not put up with sporadic visitors. Proceed step-by-step through time, answer riddles, and search for undiscovered routes. Learn what you need to become a Warlock in order to break the curse and end the cycle of death. Who and why placed the curse on your people? Now, the race is on to break this curse before time runs out. Find the solution quickly, or else death is certain to come!





-Interesting video clips
-Vivid, vibrant graphics
-Soothing background music

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470 MB

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