Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth

A youthful prince looks for a missing deity.

A young prince who gets stuck in an old woodland looks for a lost god. Here, he makes friends with the ghost of a small child and a troubled youngster, and soon they discover that their paths have crossed. As they explore an overgrown fantasy environment, interact with its peculiar and amazing residents, and solve the enchanted riddles that guard it, players take control of all three heroes. All of this is encapsulated in a non-linear, interactive story that questions loyalties and genuine intentions. Third-person action-adventure game Warden draws inspiration from N64 classics. Your fighting, platforming, and puzzle-solving abilities will be put to the test as you attempt to live and restore equilibrium to the forest!





-  Switch between three playable characters, each with unique abilities, personalities and interactions
-  Explore a colourful, hand-painted 3D world
-  Full-length melodic soundtrack that varies throughout each level based on your surroundings
-  Story-driven campaign spread that tells the tale of the world and your place inside it
-  Meet and trade with the friendly denizens making a living in the forest
-  A vivid fantasy landscape to explore, filled with exotic creatures and terrifying monsters
-  Over sixty different weapons with varying strengths and attack styles. Take advantage of every weapon your opponents are using to weaken them. Several difficult puzzles, secret codes, and enigmatic riddles await you.

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