Viking Heroes 5 Collector’s Edition

Set out on a joyous adventure while the Vikings get ready for Yule!

Set out on a joyous expedition while the Vikings get ready for Yule! The Viking siblings learn that Odin has lost control over fate during enchanted celebrations, which sets off an enigmatic trip across the well-known nine worlds.

You have to assist the Vikings in facing mystical obstacles, revealing the reality of their surroundings, and finding the misplaced Rune of Balance. They will fight formidable foes and form alliances with both old and new friends.




  • Take pleasure in 2D animated videos
  • Finish all 50 levels within the allotted time
  • Five levels including a mini-game
  • Accumulate numerous accomplishments
  • A variety of divine offerings
  • With a few easy mouse clicks, map out your route to triumph.



Collector's Edition Features:

  • Bonus chapter with ten more levels
  • Two more 2D animated videos
  • Detailed level guide
  • Downloadable catchy original soundtrack
  • Lovely desktop backgrounds
  • Collectible owls
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