Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 16 – On Sale

Help Rangers manage the stunning Pinecreek Hills National Park with Vacation Adventures - Park Ranger 16

Join the well-known Rangers who you will assist in managing Pinecreek Hills and guiding guests on breathtaking paths within National Parks. Activities are planned on Cherokee River, Bluewaters Lake, and the newly established National Eagle Sanctuary. Springfield's beautiful Conservation Park is explored, and BigFoot is searched for. A ride on the amazing Monorail is taken. Wildlife is studied. Camping and picnicking by rivers and bayous are enjoyed. Captivating caverns, enchanting waterfalls, gorges, and stunning natural settings are explored. The fantastic trails in the park are savored, and Night Prowls are embarked upon. Bonfires and grills are built. Eagles, deer, and bears are observed. Amazing Hogs & Puzzles are played, and hundreds of fish, birds, and wildlife are found. The ecosystem is preserved while awards and souvenirs are earned along the way.



  • Park Rangers are assisted in the outdoor environment
  • A wealth of ranger skills is acquired
  • Stunning graphics and gameplay are savored
  • BigFoot is searched for in the park
  • A book on wildlife with illustrations is created
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