UnWorded takes you into an injured writer's broken brain to explore his inner creative realm.

In the unusual puzzle game unWorded, every character is composed entirely of letters. Learn about a writer who was hospitalized following a serious accident, and use your imagination to create objects by piecing together letters. Explore his wounded psyche and uncover his inner creative cosmos through strange and wonderful stories. Help the writer piece together his thoughts and recollections in this text-based puzzler. To create graphics that are worth a thousand words, think outside the box and rearrange letters and signs on the canvas. With its lyrical and dreamy riddles full of letters, unWorded is a unique, emotionally engaging, story-driven independent masterwork that spans five novels that trace back the author's memories and speak to the inner workings of human intricate minds.




- 5 distinct books to explore
- Multiple Puzzles to solve
- Unique Typography Based Puzzle!

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