Twistingo: Hummingbird Haven Collector’s Edition

Adventure with puzzles and nature's tranquillity in Twistingo: Hummingbird Haven Collector's Edition

The authors behind the well-liked Twistingo and Lost Amulets series cordially welcome you to their most recent spellbinding adventure, Twistingo: Hummingbird Haven! Set out on an adventure where the thrill of solving puzzles and the tranquility of nature collide! The beloved hummingbirds of the island encounter an unforeseen problem following a rare solar eclipse. Collaborate with the island's residents to save these endearing birds and contribute to restoring the island's natural splendor. In this endearing Hidden-Object puzzle adventure, explore a world of hidden object hunts, solve creative riddles, and uncover the mysteries of the island! Come play Twistingo: Hummingbird Haven with us and take part in a narrative where every obstacle you overcome gives this enchanted island paradise a glimpse of optimism.


Collector's Edition Features


- Extra adventures in the tropical forest

- More Puzzle Challenges: Additional levels to increase the enjoyment.

- Fun Mini-Game: Gather coins to support the island's rebirth.

- Vast gallery showcasing breathtaking images of the island.

- Unique soundtrack featuring a variety of calming songs.

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