Go oil drilling like if it were 1899!

Turmoil presents a witty and visually appealing interpretation of the simulation genre, drawing inspiration from the North American oil rush of the 19th century. Experience the exhilaration and competition of that era while you work your way up to become a prosperous oil business owner. The town will expand with you as you start making money by extracting and selling crude oil. Look for oil and lease land at the town auction. Construct a rig, set up a productive pipe system, and raise the oil such that silos can hold it. To make the most money, sell the oil when it's most profitable. Next, purchase necessary modifications in the town to deal with ice, gas, and rock. In order to become the next mayor, you must acquire more town shares than your rivals.





- A campaign in which you must defeat your rivals and build your oil baron career

- Dozens of upgrades and new tools to improve your oil mining operations

- Meet the characters in the saloon and engage in shady business dealings

- Play single-game mode to unlock one of literally millions of procedurally generated levels and earn as much as you can in a year

- Lease land at the town auction and use a dowser, mole, or scanner to search for oil.
- Maximize your profits by using natural gas to boost the oil price

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