Treasure Island Extended Edition

Crack the code to locate Captain Kidd's hidden treasure!

William Legrand arrived in Sullivan Island, South Carolina in 1827 as a refugee from his family's tragic loss. While exploring the island, he comes upon a unique gold-coloured bug. He takes it with a piece of paper. He sketches the bug on the same sheet of paper at night while standing in front of the fireplace with his friend Edgar, telling him about the incident. William discovers that symbols have emerged on the paper as he returns it. The heat must have disclosed the ink, which is invisible. William believes it to be a pirate's document at that point, with Captain Kidd's cryptic instructions about his secret wealth... Aid William in locating it! (Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's novel).





- Interactive inventory
- Parallax
- Dynamic and animated gameplay
- Numerous places to investigate
- Various mini-games: puzzles, matching games...
- 2 Game modes: classic or timed
- Help: zoom, hints, bonus stars
- Incredible high-definition graphics
- Bonus gameplay

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Release Date
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80 MB

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