The Other Side: Tower of Souls Remaster CE

Resolve family strife ere death's gates open wide with The Other Side: Tower of Souls Remaster Collector's Edition

In the realm of ordinary appearances, Beatrice and Lily are intertwined with a deadly secret: a mysterious tower, concealed from human sight, harbours a passage to the realm of the dead. One sister is driven to unseal the portal, craving knowledge and power, while the other endeavours to thwart her intentions. The ultimate victor remains uncertain. The Other Side: Tower of Souls has been remastered for the latest platforms, inviting you to uncover the truth.




- An enthralling story of magic and suspense.
- Exquisite artwork, scenery, and music.
- Simple and engaging puzzles and mini-games.
- Inventive and imaginative hidden object quests.
- An educational aspect embedded within gameplay.

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