The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Jar of Marbles III

Open the Jar of Marbles and discover Sleepy Hollow's riddles!

Discover the various mysteries of the creepy town of Sleepy Hollow. Play the gripping Match-3 game with physics at its core to follow Ichabod Crane's journey. Find out about his fierce competition with his arch-enemy Brom Bones for Katrina VanTassel's affections. Witness Crane's incredible meeting with the evil Headless Horseman by being present! With more than 70 physics-based Match-3 stages, ten distinct jar kinds, power-ups, and exquisite hand-drawn graphics, this demanding game has it all. You'll adore this original interpretation of a well-known folk tale with its three gameplay options, customizable difficulty settings, and charming artwork!





- Discover Sleep Hollow in this eerie yet fantastic physics-based Match 3 challenge
- Play through over 70 vibrant levels and follow Ichabod Crane's tragic story
- Discover brand-new power-ups and solve 12 magical puzzles
- 10 distinct types of marble jars
- Beautiful illustrations created by hand

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