The Legacy: The Tree of Might – Collector’s Edition

Grant access to a different realm!
And investigate the reasons behind the enigmatic outbreak.

Deborah Whitwick hosted a lavish reception at the history museum that gained national recognition. The lady's sorrowful speech was interrupted by an inexplicable viral onslaught on the attendees. Nobody realized at the start of the epidemic exactly what the people of New York were up against. In an attempt to learn more about the nature of the illness, a hastily planned expedition was sent out to re-explore the archipelago. Diana was to accompany them as a linguist and specialist in ancient languages. She had no idea how this adventure would affect her in the slightest.





- Find out what's causing the mysterious epidemic
- Explore amazing worlds and meet their inhabitants
- Get assistance from new friends
- Solve a ton of amazing puzzles
- Compile amazing collections and locate dozens of morphing objects
- Take pleasure in breathtaking settings, magnificent graphics, and thrilling mini-games and puzzles. A magnificent tale about traveling across other planets.

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