New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia Collector’s Edition

A tale of enigmatic kidnappings by mafiosi and children.

New York, 1955: the city has grown progressively more deadly. A new force manifests itself as the Mafia attempts to take over. A force far more horrible. Five mafia bosses have vanished under strange circumstances over the span of several days. At the locations of the disappearances, a butterfly and an odd liquid were discovered. The city's youngsters have started to vanish, which is another issue that has the populace in a panic. The fact that every child sketched an identical picture of a butterfly before it vanished adds to the mystery. This compels investigators to begin their work, including detectives and journalists.





- An additional chapter set in the subterranean metropolis.

- A comprehensive guide to strategies.Trophy puzzles, morphing objects, collections, and bonus puzzles.

- Soundtracks, wallpapers, concept art, and a lot more.

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