Fold and slide the exquisitely designed paper world to find secrets and solve puzzles.

The evocative adventure game Tengami takes place inside a Japanese pop-up book. Slide and fold the exquisitely designed paper world to uncover mysteries and solve puzzles. Explore the mysteries of a folding world and embark on a tranquil voyage through Japan where traditional fairy tales are brought to life with eye-catching graphics, original gameplay, and soundtrack. Discover the mystery surrounding the lone dying cherry tree by exploring gloomy forests, deserted temples, and serene mountain waterfalls. Tengami's environment is designed as an authentically folded, three-dimensional pop-up book, utilizing brand-new technology developed especially for this game. With simple paper, scissors, and glue, you can make anything you see in the game in real life.





- Unique pop-up book gameplay
- Stunning original soundtrack
- Authentic and intricate

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