Tales of the Shyre

You will face numerous difficulties when you visit The Shyre.

Twins Daisy and Danny. They came into a lost journal one day. It told of a wonderful land called The Shyre located far, far away. And that this land's life source was a rainbow-colored water fountain. This holy fountain was guarded by four enchanted statues and crystal balls. When a dark, evil entity arrived, it destroyed the fountain and dispersed its parts all over the area. The sole method to replenish their vitality is by accomplishing various tasks at the Sushi Restaurant, Bubble Garden, and Big Tree Juice Store in order to gather the missing fountain pieces.





- 3 separate games in addition to minigames.
- 90 story challenges & Freeplay mode for boundless enjoyment.
- Easy to understand, yet difficult to master, Time Management gameplay.
- Special feature... Sushi patrons move between tables.
- A distinct bubble-shooting experience.

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