Swim Out

The turn-based puzzle game Swim Out takes you to a bright day at the river, sea, or pool.

Take a trip on a sunny day by the pool, river, or sea with Swim Out, a strategic turn-based puzzle game. Dive into its serene and revitalizing universe. Carefully consider each stroke and take care not to cross another swimmer's path if you wish to unwind and take in the scenery from a cozy chaise-longue.





- More than 100 levels tucked away in expertly designed scenery, lulled by the sound of frogs, seagulls, or splashing water.
-Twelve distinct swimmer types: from the basic breaststrokers to the more proficient divers or naughty kids who jump out of the water
-Twelve distinct objects to interact with: buoys, fins, water guns, and you can even ride a kayak!

- Six distracting environmental features, such as waves, crabs, or jellyfish, will challenge your head until you can swim out!

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