Strange Investigations: Secrets Can Be Deadly CE

What to do when the past reappears without consent - Find out in Strange Investigations: Secrets Can Be Deadly Collector's Edition

Thrown into a brand-new, mysterious case, famous detective Dana and her colleague Malcolm find themselves entangled just as they are starting to unwind from their previous adventure! A fabled tale of betrayal, murder, and retaliation is set off by an unjustified attack at Dana's friend's apartment. In this surreal Hidden-Object Puzzle game, the truth about horrific incidents from the past and present is sought by Dana.


Collector's Edition Features

  • Exclusive music and wallpapers await your enjoyment!
  • The official strategy guide ensures you never get lost!
  • Solve the mystery of the stolen museum pieces in the bonus game!
  • Master and rerun your best hidden-object scenarios for rewarding experiences!
  • Discover tons of puzzle pieces and collectibles!
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1000 MB

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