Squids Odyssey

For thrilling turn-based combat against corrupted shrimp and crabs, assemble your band of squid heroes.

Beautiful cartoon graphics, upbeat music, and amusing narrative aren't the only things that make Squids Odyssey enjoyable. The battles offer a serious challenge since strategy and talent are needed to make the most of the environment and the Squids' advantages and guide your team to victory!





- Build your party from 15 different Squids in 4 classes: troopers, healers, scouts, and shooters.
- Play through more than 90 missions for over 15 hours of action, including an expert Pro Mode that doubles the game duration and adds extra complexity.
- Win turn-based battles with strategy and skill, making use of the terrain and your party's strengths.
- Enhance your hero's skills with over sixty-five armoury helmets.
- To save your underwater planet, battle your way through Japanese temples, old West-inspired cities, Greek citadels, and tropical coral reefs!

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