Snow White Solitaire – Legacy of Dwarves

Take a role in a fabled tale!

The dwarves are searching for a weapon that will give them an immense advantage over the trolls. They will need to work together with five heroes to do this. Can they make it? It's all up to you! Join forces with the dwarf Folly, the knight, the sorceress, the bride of Poseidon, the dragon, the gold golem, and the druid! Explore five enchanted realms and dispel illusions! Discover what happened to Snow White after she vanquished the Evil Queen in this eagerly anticipated adventure!





- An engaging plot and cast of characters!

- Combination of riddles, solitaire, and hidden things!

- Playing gameplay that is both clear and engaging!

- Mini-games that have been entertaining for a long time!

- There are a tonne of different bonuses and aids in the game!

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