Secret Case – Paranormal Investigation

Explore the biggest mysteries that remain unanswered!

James, a retired FBI agent from the Cold Cases division, needs your assistance after thwarting a global plan! Take on the role of Clarice, who is searching for a magical artifact with extraordinary abilities! In order to avoid disappointing your new mentor, demonstrate your abilities in your first TOP SECRET operation! Your mission will take you all around the world with James by your side! However, you are not the first person to delve into the greatest secrets ever discovered. Crack a lot of riddles that will put you to the test! Be quick and astute to spot the hints that will make a big impact! Every nation and every destination has a piece of the puzzle! You have no idea what's in store for you.





- A variety of mini-games
- Detailed Full HD landscapes
- A series of riddles, each more cunning than the last
- Take on the unknown in a game with a mysterious atmosphere
- Over fifty anecdotes concerning paranormal phenomena

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Release Date
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750 MB

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