Saving Private Sheep 2

The foxes are still there even after the war!

We've won the war. Those terrible wolves have returned home after engaging in ferocious combat, their tails between their legs. The sheep are happy to graze once more and have an abundance of fresh wool! However, we must not overlook the foxes, those nefarious animals who have come to abduct the helpless, helpless little lambs. Luckily, General Sheepard is watching over the sheepfold.


With a hedgehog and a catapult in hand, the flock's top soldier sends out a tiny commando squad to bring peace back to the pastures. Launch your catapult, move from one sheep to the next, and send those foxes hurtling into the air. The enemy is well camouflaged, so avoid the obstacles in your way and beware of the clumsy warriors! So you believe it's simple? We'll check that out soon, buddy.




- 66 dangerous levels with things like chickens, waterfalls, spider webs, spikes, etc.
- New levels that are permanent because of the level editor
- A ton of gadgets like parachutes, chillies, jetpacks, pipes, hives, etc.
- Additional skins and ammunition obtained from items found throughout the game

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