Save the Furries

Prepare to defend the Furries against the evil Furax!

Introducing the Furries, a simple-minded species that enjoys exploring space. Assist them in surviving the dangers ahead! Adorable little green critters and furries simply adore exploring new planets. Regretfully, Furries are not the smartest creatures. They enjoy stumbling into dangerous scenarios involving monsters from space, enormous pits, mountaintops, explosions, and other things. You will have to employ a variety of tools, like pinball flippers, ropes, boxes, and cannons, in addition to the rules of physics to help the Furries survive all 60 levels. Almost anything can be used to help them navigate the planet safely and avoid becoming the evil Furax's dinner.





-Help the Furries survive as you travel the galaxy in this entertaining Puzzle Platform adventure.
-Guide them through 60 levels while avoiding monsters, enormous pits, explosions, and more.
-Rely on the laws of physics with the help of flippers, ropes, cannons, and other objects.

-Unlock two additional playing modes for more challenges.
-Receive rewarding trophies for a job well done.

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