Royal Envoy 3

In charge of the thrilling journey to explore new territory!

A little Wild West Railroad action, are you ready? With the Ride The Rails 5 in 1 Bundle, take on the five legendary games in the Golden Rails Series. Assist Jack and Jill on their countless excursions in the American Old West. Assist various cities with the construction of their railroads, the World's Fair, postal service, involvement in the Alaskan Gold Rush, or the introduction of civilization to the Wild West. You can do it all with the 5-in-1 Bundle, which has all of the Golden Rails books in one convenient download. Do your Six Guns and ride to the frontier like a crazy person! Why don't you act sooner? The railroads won't develop on their own! The games have amazing graphics and soundtracks, all five titles in one package, and hidden collectible items that may be found throughout the games.





- Build a Railroad from Coast to Coast
- Bring Civilization to the Frontier
- Participate in the Klondike Gold Rush
- Assist in the construction of the World's Fair
- Accept the challenge of delivering mail in Golden Rails 2: Valuable Package

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