Fishdom Double Pack

For a small fee, get two fantastic Fishdom games!

The Fishdom and Fishdom H2O Double Pack offers two fantastic games at a discounted price!


Expand and grow your Fishdom! Earn money by completing difficult boards and thought-provoking puzzles. Spend the money on decorations, eye-catching ornaments, and eye-catching fish for your ideal aquarium. Fishdom has gone Hidden


Object in Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey!

Win prizes and upgrade your virtual tank as you hone your aquarium design abilities and enjoy the adorable fish simulations! Assist Jennifer, an aspiring marine biologist, on her quest for the Best Aquarium Award. Explore the ocean floor to uncover a variety of secret objects concealed in several eye-catching spots. Choose from a wide variety of equipment and accessories to provide your exotic swimming pets with a comfortable and enjoyable life.

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