Royal Adventure

Guide the historical heroes through the last chapter of the great prophecy.

You planned to take a relaxing holiday when you travelled to Greece. But on your first day in Athens, a strange solar eclipse begins, shaking the ground and taking you on an unexpected journey. A group of archaeologists accidentally freed a powerful Titan who was imprisoned by the gods and is now seeking revenge on them during their search for an ancient item. If he makes it to Olympus and destroys the gods, then chaos will envelop the planet. Your vacation will have to wait since it looks like you have to save the earth! Discover both ancient and contemporary Greece in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! This is an exclusive Collector's Edition edition featuring never-before-seen features!





- Order and chaos reign...assist Athena again in the bonus game!
- The backgrounds and concept art vividly depict Ancient Greece.
- The soundtrack is so captivating that you won't want to stop listening!
- A comprehensive
- Strategy Guide

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