Rescue Agency Collector’s Edition

Take a courageous Fairy on an amazing voyage to the Unknown Kingdom!

Take a courageous Fairy on an amazing voyage to the Unknown Kingdom!


Rescue Agency, combines thrilling missions and compelling storytelling with the best elements of farming and strategy gaming.

This is a magical, secret realm full of adventure! Free the people of Abonda from the evil Kidnapper of Happiness, who has escaped from captivity.

The whole Mystic Forest will be under your authority. Plus much more!

You will be able to make different boosters using the recipes your ancestors taught you, using the Congregation's banned cauldrons.

Along with working together to complete engaging chores, you'll come to know the residents of Abonda better.

As You will bring happiness to the Candy Fairies, peace to the Elves, and calmness to the Wind Clan.


– Set out on missions to earn money and replenish your magical abilities!

– Establish factories to acquire uncommon resources!

– Open portals to explore places full of fascinating people and mysteries!

– Make your unique plant garden and use it to make a ton of infusions and extracts!

– Get exclusive incentives by purchasing them!

Collector’s Edition Features:

– An additional chapter featuring five more levels and new missions!

– Unlocking challenging achievements

– Stunning, exclusive concept art

– A step-by-step gameplay Guide

– Authentic collectibles

– Abonda mythology and stories with captivating music

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