Quest of the Dragon Soul

Save the enchanted realm in this thrilling Match-3 quest!

In this timeless fantasy match-3 puzzle game, a thrilling magical world is waiting for you. The remote kingdom of Frozen Mountain is once more in danger as evil has taken hold. In order to unleash the good magic, the Sorceress the realm's sworn protector needs your assistance. Will you face an unidentified evil with courage and preserve your kingdom? Discover as you delve into a realm filled with enchanted dragons, legendary demons, and concealed riches. But be careful in this thrilling Match 3 adventure, dangerous animals are lurking in the shadows.





- Exciting and difficult levels
- More than fifty exquisitely constructed, hand-painted opponents
- Nine distinct battle zones situated on an expansive interactive map
- Open legendary and magical upgrades, power-ups, and boosts.
- Find secret chests filled with information.
- Amazing sound quality featuring an orchestral soundtrack

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140 MB

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