Caribbean Jewel

Explore the vast oceans in this Match 3 Pirate experience.

The captain's fiancée Pepper is missing, so you and his four pirate friends must search the great seas for his betrothed, who has been kidnapped and taken along with a map to the fabled Treasure of Tortuga. Unknown to many, pirates used actual match-3 might in their battles instead of cannons and cutlasses! To take on the challenge of 80 thrilling match-3 matches and save the Captain's fiancée, you'll need quick fingers and even quicker brains. As long as you've collected enough gold during your travels to pay them, your dependable crew will always be ready to jump into action and provide a variety of power-ups.




  • Excellent Match 3 gameplay
  • 80 stages to advance through
  • Several power-ups
  • Interesting characters
  • Original music score
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