Queens Quest 4 Sacred Truce CE

An epic journey to bring peace back!

When an attempt is made to kill the Elven king, the century-old truce is broken! The Five Races of the Realm are in danger of being engulfed by the inferno of hatred and anarchy, and peace and common reason are hanging by a thread. It is the responsibility of one individual to maintain composure and reason, and to remind everyone else of the promises they made generations ago! Maximus Pax is that person, and he will always be our hero! He is the only one with the ability to save the planet from descending into ruin and decay since he is a member of the Peacekeeper's guild! However, a hero's path is not without its challenges! He must solve a century-old mystery in order to preserve a century-old peace! Will Maximus be able to use the Sacred Truce's power to remind all five races of their oaths and uncover this false pretence in time? Join our hero on this amazing adventure to find out!





- Expertly handled splendour of painted settings juxtaposed with the story's impending upheaval and excitement
- Puzzles that may be played again and Hidden Object Scenes that will guide you on this amazing adventure
- Music and wallpapers that can be downloaded to bring back your heroic memories of a gorgeous fantasy world
- Achievements and collectables that will enhance your incredible experience
- An intriguing plot that will keep you interested!

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