Queen Quest 5 Collector’s Edition

Assist King Robert in looking into a string of kidnappings in which children are the victims!

A gifted Shapeshifting Alchemist investigator, a hero of Netherfall in a realm of fairy tales, is sent to the capital once more to assist King Robert in looking into a string of kidnappings in which the victims are children. She must use her ability to concoct potions to transform into different animals in order to solve hidden object situations and puzzles that appear insurmountable. The alchemist thinks the case will be simple when she gets to the castle, but what she discovers throughout her journey completely alters her opinion of the kingdom she battles to defend. The mystery only seems to deepen and darken as creatures prowl the streets and the Evil Queen escapes from the jail. What mysteries are underneath Queen's Quest 5: The Symphony of Death?





- Take on the role of the shape
- shifting alchemist detective!
- Examine more than forty hand-painted places
- Locate morphing items to unlock achievements.
- Use the strategy guide to ensure you never get lost!
- View concept art to get a behind-the-scenes look
- Download wallpapers to enjoy the final visuals.

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