Puzzle Vacations: Thailand and Cambodia

While solving entertaining jigsaw puzzles, learn about Thailand and Cambodia in detail!

Solve more than a hundred jigsaw puzzles while you explore Thailand and Cambodia! Excellent photos that will take you to the ruins of Angkor Wat, the night markets of Chiang Mai, and the beaches of Phuket. Unwind and take pleasure in solving more than one hundred puzzles with parts ranging from 100 to 400. Enjoy hours of puzzle fun as you learn about the history, temples, and unique scenery of Thailand and Cambodia! 125 distinct puzzle images to help you discover Thailand and Cambodia! There are 27 Swap puzzles and 27 Jigsaw puzzles available! Work out puzzles with 400 pieces or more! Features like Rotate, Reshuffle, Timer, and Hint can help make games easier! If you need assistance, utilize the hint feature! Adjust the background colour! It has complete music and wallpapers! You can play any way you like because there are no locked levels!

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