Puzzle Vacations: Ireland

Puzzle Vacations: Ireland offers 33 puzzle types and 125 photographs to help you discover the beauty of Ireland.

For puzzle enthusiasts who enjoy a challenge, Puzzle Vacations: Ireland is an easy-to-learn yet gratifying game. There are 14,250 puzzles total, including Artistic Cuts, where every piece is unique, 125 gorgeous images, two puzzle modes, 33 problem kinds, and sizes ranging from 100 to 400 pieces!





- Discover the beauty of Ireland with 125 photographs!
- Choose between 17 Swap puzzles and 16 Jigsaw puzzles!
- Complete puzzles with 400 pieces or more!
- Every image features two distinct artistic cuts!
- Rotate, Reshuffle, Timer, Hint, and a lot more features!
- Entire soundtrack and wallpapers!
- You can play as you choose because there are no locked levels!

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