Peter & Wendy – In Neverland

Take a fantastic voyage across Neverland with Peter Pan and Wendy!

Wendy and her brothers are visited by Peter Pan in the nursery of the Darling family. They embarked on a journey together to Neverland, the realm where kids never grow old. Go with Peter Pan to the many well-known locations mentioned in the novel as you embark on a quest to find the Lost Boys and their treasure. Encounter Captain Hook, aid the Lost Boys, and save Tinker Bell in these vividly colored hidden object sequences! Additionally, there are cult locations like the Jolly Roger, the underground mansion, and the mermaid lagoon! Allow fairy dust to carry you away as you retell the tale of Neverland as if you were already there!





- A universe fully and freely inspired by the 1911 book.
- A gameplay structure based on chapters that mirror the book's eponymy: follow the story or go back and replay the chapters you have already unlocked.
- Rich and magical graphics.
- A mysterious and dreamlike soundscape.

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