Paradise Retreat

Discover new and amazing locales as you play minigames and explore the Paradise Retreat!

Discover the idyllic getaway! You will gather a variety of things while having a fantastic time seeing numerous beautiful locations, including neighboring beaches, beach bars, yachts, and sightseeing. There is one hidden spot that needs to be investigated at every location. The number of minigames is high. Paths through the beach can be found, jigsaw puzzles can be solved to discover new locations, wooden tiles in the amazing match 2 game can be unblocked to reveal the next location, gathering various fruit clusters can help you cool off, solving mysteries can involve matching used object combinations, and rotating puzzle pieces can lead you to discover new areas.





- Compile extraordinary collections
- Work out remarkable puzzles
- Unwind by gathering various fruit groups
- Take pleasure in lovely graphics and thrilling minigames
- Replay favorite stages and minigames

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