New Yankee 14: Through the History Mirror Collector’s Edition

Help John and Mary escape their time loop with New Yankee 14: Through the History Mirror Collector's Edition

Join John, Mary, and their friends on an extraordinary journey through two parallel adventures brimming with excitement, danger, and everyday challenges. New worlds and eras will be explored, and mystical phenomena will be navigated as their voyage through space and time unfolds.



  • 45 captivating levels, plus 11 mini-game levels.
  • Three adjustable difficulty settings: easy, normal, and hard.
  • A variety of engaging mini-games to play.
  • Numerous achievements to unlock.
  • Intuitive gameplay with simple mouse controls.

Collector’s Edition exclusive content

  • An additional 15 levels, including two new mini-game levels.
  • A comprehensive Levels Strategy Guide.
  • Original soundtracks available for download.
  • Stunning wallpapers for download.
  • Direct access to video clips, character bios, a detailed guide, and a unique puzzle.
  • Collectible puzzle pieces to gather and assemble.
  • Prepare for a dazzling adventure where the lines between reality and the extraordinary blur, and every step brings you closer to uncovering the mysteries of space and time!
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