Nav Point

Become a traffic controller for Starship!

A space action game called Nav Point centres on the role of a starship traffic director. Assume control of the Navigos Traffic Control Station and steer cargo ships, couriers, luxury liners, and cruisers safely to their destinations with the aid of a squadron of Police Frigates, Customs Clippers, and tugboats. Construct passenger and cargo docks, maintain and repair gas stations, and build defence satellites. Build a solar-powered infrastructure to benefit from passing ships. Sure, it sounds simple. However, things may get tricky when you also have to deal with sunspot radiation, wormholes, meteorites, nebulas, travelling movie stars, aliens, pirates, smugglers, floods of refugees, and politics! Take Charge!





- Start your career on a remote moon and advance to take control of Earth, the commercial hub of the solar system.

- Select from dozens of maps and play the way you see fit.

- Set your speed and direction for all transportation, including luxury liners, cruisers, cargo ships, and frigates.

- Use police cutters to stop pirate raiders and safeguard your airspace.

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