Mystic Escape – Diary of a Prisoner

Take on a brand-new journey filled with difficult riddles in Mystic Escape: Diary of a Prisoner.

Set out on a brand-new journey filled with difficult riddles in a setting reminiscent of Japan. Experience the thrill of a brand-new room escape game on a mysterious island by working through challenging puzzles among breathtaking landscapes. Give yourself over to this complex, captivating tale. Discover enigmatic hidden items and hints on the island that could point you in the direction of a spectacular escape or even something even more unique. When you awaken in a boat in the middle of the ocean, you discover that your memories are gone. The answer is somewhere far away, and all you can see in the distance is an island. This place has the vibe of a prison. There are moments when you catch a glimpse of a stunning girl guiding you in some direction. However, there are obstacles in your path and a malevolent force attempting to impede you. Accept the challenge and unravel the web of your forgotten past to reconstruct the journal of the events that transpired on the island. There are several difficult and logical riddles at each level. You will spend several hours having fun in this enthralling and enigmatic 3D distant universe set in Japan. To get the solutions, follow the notes that an unknown individual left behind. You have a memory deep within you that holds the key to unlocking this island's mysteries. The way to the future and its mysteries is found here, and the clue lies in the past. See amazing things as they happen. To make the best decision, look for all the hidden hints.





- Diverse impromptu venues & interactions!

- Several confusing riddles

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