Monument Builders: The Big Apple – Double Pack

Build two famous New York landmarks with this thrilling two-pack!

Monument Builders: The Big Apple Double Pack will assist in creating two prominent elements of the New York skyline. Learn a ton of anecdotes while taking part in the construction of the famous Empire State Building. Become the site manager for one of the most well-known landmarks in the world: clean up the area, gather supplies, and fend off creditors and King-Kong devotees. Keep in mind that mistreating the film crew will only cause them to distance you from them. Next, take a step back in time and see the construction of the Statue of Liberty! Learn about the experience of working on this massive website in a straightforward yet enjoyable manner. Experience the historic New York and help build the recognizable Statue of Liberty!





-Many bonuses to unlock
-Watch the locations change in real time as you play the game
-Improve the roads to get the materials where you need them quickly!
-Ensure that your name is recorded in history

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