Martial Arts Capoeira

Work out until you're drenched!

Make it your mission to become the most formidable Capoeira warrior in the world! The Brazilian martial art of capoeira serves as the foundation for the martial arts program Martial Arts: Capoeira. Africans who were held as slaves in Brazil invented capoeira, a Brazilian fight-dance, game, and martial art, in the sixteenth century. In the centre of Martial Arts: Capoeira, participants create a roda (circle) and alternate between playing instruments, singing, and sparring in pairs. The sport is characterized by deft acrobatic manoeuvres, deception, and a heavy reliance on the foundation in addition to headbutts, kicks, and sweeps. The foundation of a good game is technique and strategy. Martial Arts: Capoeira is essentially a traditional beat-em-up, but it has been heavily influenced by role-playing video games where you may customize and improve the combatants. Every time you start a new Career mode session, you can choose a different approach and strategy, spreading skill points differently and presenting tournaments in different ways.





- 12 fighters with unique characteristics
- 13 real-world locations
- Exciting career mode
- Customizable character development
- Exciting local multiplayer mode

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