Magic Farm 3 – The Ice Danger

The Magic Farm is back! More fun, more features, and a new tale!
In The Ice Danger, Magic Farm 3

You can go at your own speed in Magic Farm 3: Ice Danger. Maintain your farms and make the changes you see fit. Meet people, complete quests, explore the magical realm, and exchange products for unique items. The protagonist of the game, Iris, with the incredible ability to generate stunning flowers! Who would have guessed that just when things got really tight, this ability would come in handy? The homeland of Iris was unexpectedly hit by snow and blizzards. To find out what occurred, she set off on an adventure with her former comrades and her best friend, the dragon Robin. Iris will have to save Robin and assist everyone else she encounters on her journey after he got into problems along the route. Grow and market miraculous flowers to protect the globe from the impending winter! You have to plan your farm's operations, encourage plants to grow more quickly, harvest them, and keep pests away from your precious flowers!





- Beautiful illustrations created by hand

- Reconvene with well-known past personalities and forge new friendships

Favorite gameplay with numerous enhancements

- Four new, incredible locations

- Over 100 quests in total

- Use strategic thinking while deciding how to accomplish objectives.

- As main characters gain levels, the gameplay becomes increasingly captivating.

- You have the freedom to decide whether you want to be a gardener who uses a wave of the hand to make things bloom or a brawler who engages in combat with adversaries.

- Extra missions and unrestricted play in public areas- Upbeat music

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