Luxor Adventures

Join the gods of ancient Egypt as they journey to the edge of time and back!

With Luxor Adventure, go to the edge of time and back! Experience the journey through time with Jane Graham and John Swift as they work to preserve history in this hidden object adventure. The archaeological team discovers that the fabled Stairway to Heaven might truly exist when they discover the Osiris Orb outside of LUXOR! They are currently racing against time and space to prevent the cunning and power-hungry Seth Hisster from permanently altering history. Gather ethereal orbs that will enable John and Jane to shut the perilous doorway as you locate a list of lost objects in time to bring the cosmos back into harmony. As they race against time to put things right, they will come across legends like Benjamin Franklin, Amelia Earhart, and Leonardo da Vinci along the way. In order to further John and Jane's search as they gather their treasures, you'll need to master the classic LUXOR marble shooter action and match three games. In Luxor Adventure, act quickly before it's too late since time is of importance!

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