Little Kite

Examine a family's destiny and work to make amends for previous transgressions.

In the game, which depicts the issues of a failing family, one player raises their hands while another attempts to make up for previous transgressions. Mary and her son Andrew are the primary protagonists. Mary remarried to Oliver following the loss of her first husband, hoping to provide her son a complete family. However, the new husband is plagued by issues every day, and he turns to drink for comfort. They quickly discover that domestic abuse has become widespread. The family's life reaches a breaking point when Mary's routine and complacency, which are comfortable for all but young Andrew, force her to make a risky choice. There are several playable main characters, a variety of puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty, and two distinct locations the real world and Andrew's fantasy realm. These are just a few of the features that make this game special. Every one of them has a distinct aura.

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