A playable, branching tale of survival against all odds is Lifeline!

A compelling interactive tale of survival against all circumstances, Lifeline is. Taylor is stuck when the team crashes on an alien moon, and the only person Taylor's communicator can contact is YOU. The other members of the crew are either dead or missing. Aid Taylor in making decisions that will either save or kill him, then collectively deal with the fallout. Alternately, observe the results of choosing a different option. Even small actions can have a big impact. Lifeline is a complex, fully realized narrative with numerous different endings that unfold in real-time. You are Taylor's only hope.





- The game that started it all, Lifeline!
- A branching, interactive tale of surviving against all odds!
- Enter the world of this science fiction adventure written by the well-known author and fan favorite Dave Justus!
- Your choices have the power to alter humanity's destiny
- And maybe even time itself!

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