Legendary Tales: Stolen Life – Collector’s Edition

A life is ripped apart by an unexpected kidnapping in Legendary Tales: Stolen Life - Collector's Edition.

Following the demise of their guardian and the disappearance of their parents, Ulf, Lucia's brother, worked and resided in a pub. But Ulf's 18th birthday brought about a significant upheaval in their life. It turned out he was a werewolf, and that very evening a witch kidnapped him and took him to a secret spot. Lucia, who has always looked out for her, is prepared to take any and all risks in order to save her brother. She is certain that he would have extended the same kindness to her. She has spent many years of her life being cut off from the outside world, but now, for the first time, she is going on excursions in unfamiliar areas with unforeseen risks. In order to bring Ulf back, you must solve a lot of puzzles, make new friends and foes, and hunt for novel answers.





- Navigate the intricate magical world that witches rule.

- Uncover family mysteries by delving into the secrets of everything that crosses your path!

- Crack thousands of riddles and put your skills to the test in thrilling minigames!

- Begin an escapade involving amazing supernatural beings, such as witches, werewolves, and druids!

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