Last Resort Island

Establish a Survival Resort on an island populated with insane former tofu enthusiasts!

You end up stranded on a far-off island as a castaway. But what you get is an abandoned island full of starving former tofu fans, not everlasting loneliness and comfort. Let the crazy, hilarious survival training begin! Over entertaining Match 3 sessions, you can gradually build a new island resort by making the correct combos. Of course, there will be difficulties in everyone's daily lives on the islands. Engaging adventures, challenging puzzles, enjoyable text adventures serving as side missions, or even a Solitaire tournament at the neighbourhood tavern you're always willing to laugh yourself silly in order to help the town. And then there are those confused and bewildered former vegans who develop an unhealthy appetite for meat out of the blue. They need a clutch of glucose-heavy power-ups to stop their compulsive munching. They'll successfully shock the living daylights out of those lost green souls. A wide range of rewards are in store for those who pursue achievement by bold and valiant actions. Will you be able to resume your regular life?





- A humorous story with a quirky sense of slapstick humour
- Adorable characters with clever one-liners
- One hundred hand-crafted levels with captivating gameplay
- Construct your own survival paradise
- Construct a resort for the islanders, complete with a town hall, sugar factory, candy manufacturing, etc.
- Face demanding quests
- Acquire a variety of adventures

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